April 13, 2018

Expansion Training Webinar: Grow Recap

Senior VP of Sales Ryan Morris and CSO Steve Fisher return for the last webinar in our expansion training series. Today, we focus on how to keep your team growing in a new market by giving them the system and tools they need to thrive.

Keep Adding to Your Pipeline
Keep building your new Associate pipeline, and continue to replenish your list of leads. This is all to prep for an explosion on day one of customer gathering. You know what’s at stake: untapped opportunity in potentially millions of new customers. Get them ready to take massive action as soon as the gates open.

A Simple Duplication System
Building a team isn’t just about adding Associates to your downline and walking away. It’s about getting them qualified and plugged into a system of duplication, which requires some training. Show them the simplicity of the You & 2 model—that should be their mission. Once they’ve mastered that, the rest is organic.

Don’t Forget Your Runner
Identify one new team member who can serve as the “anchor” for that market. A leader you can train, and then trust enough to leave behind to continue growing the organization. Still plan on hosting webinars, continue your calls and leave a plan for next steps.