April 7, 2018

Success Has Many Names: Ignition 2018 Award Recipients

Part tradition, part necessity, we make certain to recognize outstanding Associates for their passion, hard work, and success at just about every Stream event. For Ignition 2018, here’s the award-winners who went above and beyond to help define what success at Stream looks like.

The Rising Star Award
Shane Callwood, Senior Director

Spirit of Stream Award
Dr. Terry Young, Executive Director

Inspiration Award
Wayne Pekarski, Executive Director

Assist Award
Stefan Rodriguez, Presidential Director

Women of Power Mentor Award
Rosanne Moreno, Executive Director

New Presidential Directors

  • Cobi Ben-Bassat
  • Robert Bell
  • Veronica & Gabriel Morales

New Executive Directors Since Ignition 2017

  • Julie Carmichael
  • Marguerite & Michael Coyle
  • Emmanuel Estrada
  • Mark Evans
  • Mark Feinman
  • Antonio Guiterrez
  • Kerrun Hill
  • Maria Huerta & Donal Picazo
  • Dianna & David Kirkley
  • Michael J. Lerman
  • Sharon & Ray Morey

Power of Leadership

  • Maria Huerta & Donal Picazo, Executive Directors
  • Justin & Portia Johnson, Executive Directors
  • Media & Kush Rashid, Executive Directors
  • Michael Whitfield, Executive Director
  • Ron Anglin, Senior Director
  • Fikru Bogale, Senior Director
  • Cynthia Daly, Senior Director
  • George Dennis, Senior Director
  • David Figueroa, Senior Director
  • Monica Fontenot-Poindexter, Senior Director
  • Trace Godoy, Senior Director
  • Katherine Hennelly, Senior Director
  • Roque Hernandez, Senior Director
  • Kerrun Hill, Executive Director
  • LaBron Mason, Senior Director
  • Stephanie Norton, Senior Director
  • Eric Oniah, Senior Director
  • Terry & Greg Pogorzelski, Senior Directors
  • Kristina & Jeff Stier, Senior Directors
  • Dee Dee Yorek, Senior Director
  • Jennifer Zekas, Senior Director

Rising Stars

  • Wilfredo Guevara, Senior Director
  • Monica & Steve Guzman, Senior Directors
  • Abby & Steven Henry, Senior Director
  • Sophia Jackson, Senior Director
  • Dina Klear, Senior Director
  • Erin & Daniel Lipka, Senior Directors
  • Minerva Lopez, Senior Director
  • Alma Mejia, Senior Director
  • Avril & Rutho Occilien-Similien, Senior Directors
  • Nanette & Lloyd Rolle, Senior Directors
  • Karen Rayo Santiago, Senior Director
  • Glenys Soriano & Marcos Gomez, Senior Directors
  • David Villalobos, Senior Director
  • Donnell Walker, Senior Director