April 5, 2017

Recognizing Greatness: Ignition 2017 Awards Recipients

A Stream event wouldn't be complete if we didn't recognize our outstanding Associates for their hard work and passion for the business. From top customer gatherers to mentors who exemplify what it means to be a leader, we proudly honored those who went above and beyond to leave their mark on this company.

Congratulations to all!

Power of Leadership
David and Cassandra Hayden
Robert and Carrie Paster
Enrique Alatrista
Tara Woodman
Dean Della Loggia
Ronnie and Laura Millen
Jennifer and David Hurlbert
Craig Thorpe
Dr. Florence Simmons
Lin and Judy Sheppard

Rising Stars
Jeff and Kristina Stier
Gretchen McMullen
Philip McCarthy
David Boswell
Bobbi Lehman
Martin Augustine
Rebeka Rodriguez
Bob and Cindy Gridley
Rose Camacho
Brian Raphael

Spirit of Stream Award
Alex Rodriguez

Assist Award
Jerry Scribner

Women of Power Mentor Award
Bernadette Wright

Inspiration Awards
Abby and Steven Henry
Catherine and Melvin Finley
Janice Jolley

Top 10 Customer Enrollers
Patricia Hueber
John Smith
Cassandra and David Hayden
Debra Gonzales
Laura and Ronnie Millen
Veronica Guerrero
Ron Anglin
Michelle Wardhammar
Cheryl Yassien
Jennifer Zekas