April 1, 2017

Fuel Your Fire with These Energy Announcements and Promotions!

Ignition 2017 delivered in a huge way!

You, the invaluable members of the Stream Team, showed up in enormous number, full of excitement. And we met that excitement by announcing big things about all our services lines, live from the Fort Worth Convention Center Stage.

For starters, we revealed that Stream Energy will soon expand into two new states—Illinois and Delaware! Stay tuned for more details about our market expansion soon.

Plus, we showed you some new residential rates and revealed a bevy of new things for Commercial Energy—like a new online request for quote path for Texas (NE and GA coming soon) and the changes made to the Commercial Services Team.

Finally, we announced that we've extended the Gas Pack Promotion, Business Owner's Special and Energy Extra Promotion yet again!

Read below for details of these promotions—and keep sharing them with customers during this extended period!

Gas Pack Promotion— extended indefinitely

As announced at Ignition, as part of the Gas Pack Promotion, new northeast residential gas customers will continue to be awarded one full point.

Business Owner’s Special (Texas only)— extended indefinitely

This exciting promotion makes it easy for commercial customers to say yes to Stream.

  • Any new Commercial account will qualify for one new Residential account at a discounted fixed-rate price—that’s 20 to 40%* less than comparable residential plans! *Rate and Savings vary per region

Please note the following rules apply:

  • Discounted residential offer is only applicable to NEW residential enrollments. Not applicable to existing residential accounts
  • Available in Texas only

EnergyXtra Bonus— extended indefinitely

New and existing Associates will earn a $1,000 bonus for every 15 customer points enrolled. Plus, for every EnergyXtra Bonus triggered, Stream will pay up to $300 in Leadership bonuses to the Associate’s upline.

Please note the following rules apply to qualify for an EnergyXtra Bonus:

  • Energy accounts must be pending or active at the time the EnergyXtra bonus triggers
  • Includes all residential and commercial gas and/or electric customers
  • Energy accounts will not qualify for this bonus if they have triggered any other bonuses (Personal Customer Bonuses, Summer Evolution Bonuses, You & 2 Bonuses, other EnergyXtra Bonuses, etc.)
  • Energy accounts must be enrolled on or after 8/01/2016.
  • All bonuses triggered are subject to a manual audit and, in the case of fraud, negligence, intentional or gross misconduct or other wrongdoing on the part of the Associate, all bonuses may be subject to being recovered by Stream.
  • Periodic review of energy accounts used to trigger EnergyXtra Bonuses will occur; reclamation of funds is possible if less than 70% of the energy accounts remain active during the first 12 months of service.