February 9, 2017

Sharpen Your Skills at These Ignition 2017 Workshops

Get ready to brush up on your business skills at Ignition 2017! These workshops were designed with your success in mind. Here, you can become a better leader for your team, master the art of the invitation or just get more familiar with our services.

Register for Ignition 2017 to sign up for your preferred sessions. All workshops will be held on Friday and Saturday, so you’ll have ample opportunity to attend your favorites.

The Stream Compensation Plan
The Stream Compensation Plan is being enhanced and will be better than ever. Get a detailed overview of changes here.

Trey Dyer
Bernadette Wright
Greg Savage, Director, Leadership Development and Field Training
Robert Wilson, Director, Field Training

The Stream Pioneers
Stream leaders lay out a roadmap of their journeys to success so you can find your way to the top. Hear inspiring stories—often humorous, always uplifting—from the ones who have been here since the beginning. Hosted by John Walsh and Randy Hedge.

Jeanie and Presley Swagerty
Diane and Steve Fisher
Susan and Donny Anderson
La Dohn and Mark Dean

Building Your Stream Business “the Right Way”
Don’t miss this entertaining, eye-opening workshop from the best in the business. Learn how to avoid five common mistakes and other pitfalls that could stand between you and success.

Mike Foti
Greg McCord
Martha Troy
Ryan Morris
James Levins

Sharing Stream and Starting Fast
Do you find it difficult to share Stream with prospects? How do you get started? Learn invitation strategies from some of the most experienced leaders in the business. Then, master the art of mentoring new Associates.

Jerry Scribner
Elbert Thomas
Dr. Terry Young
Susan Fisher

Wireless Services 101
Stream Wireless has gone through a major transformation since last year. Now, we will continue to simplify Wireless with more training, better tools and tremendous offers. Find out more and grow your Wireless business in 2017!

Rosanne Moreno
Greg Youngers
Rodney Erakovich, Sr. Manager, Wireless Operations/Implementation
Tony Gallizzi, Sr. Manager, Wireless Products and Services 

Energy Services 101
EnergyXtra was a huge hit in 2016! Bigger things are expected in 2017.  Come hear all about how we plan to take energy to the next level.

Brett Morrow
Brian Dilsheimer
Maritza Belmonte, Director, Energy and Commercial Services
Greg Martin, Sr. Vice President and General Manager, Energy Services

Protective & Home Services 101
All things Protective & Home! Learn about the growth of the market, how to position the services and new offerings that will help you grow your business across the country.

Jim Spargur
Stefan Rodriguez
Winchel Elibert
Ryan Cramer, Director and General Manager, Protective & Home Services

Hispanic Market: The Driving Force
Stream’s Hispanic market has emerged as our fastest growing demographic over the past two years. Join us at this all-Spanish workshop to find out how we’re doing it.

Alex Rodriguez
Oscar Rodriguez
Gabriel Morales
Miguel Morales

The Hero with a Thousand Faces
Stream’s Business Integrity Group, or “BIG”, sees you as the hero of your own story. Each one of you has received a call to adventure – but every hero needs a secret weapon! Come to BIG’s session and leave armed with the tools to conquer your business. 

Carolyn Lam, Vice President and Assistant General Councel, Legal Business Integrity Group