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Congratulations new EDs Luchi Luzares and Armin Fernando!

March 13, 2019

Congratulations to Luchi Luzares and Armin Fernando for rank advancing to Executive Director! This pair from Lansdowne, PA have worked incredibly hard to achieve this position, and now they’ll be able to play hard as the newest EDs at this year’s Ignition. It promises to be the next highlight on Luchi and Armin’s long journey as Stream Associates. Read more about their story below.

Another Chance at Business

Luchi and Armin moved to the Philadelphia area in the fall of 2011 after the medical staffing agency they started took a massive hit. A friend from Houston introduced them to Stream, and while they both had network marketing experience with other product-based companies, Stream offered them a solution that didn’t include overstock. Luchi said they were attracted to the opportunity to run a business that could save people money on electricity, but the individual stories of Associate success sealed their decision.

“I didn't need to be convinced,” Luchi said. “I saw it and I did my due diligence about the company, and I jumped in.”

Their initial why was immediate – money to pay rent, keep the lights on, and put food on the table – but they also set out to work toward a more financially secure future for their children and Luchi’s mother in her retirement years. 

“This had to work for us because our traditional businesses had failed, and we had been so used to working on our own terms, together, so business was the only way to go,” Luchi said. “We had to learn everything we could. We went to all the meetings and events in north New Jersey, south Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland. We followed the leaders. We wanted what they had and so we had to learn.”

A Leap of Faith Rewarded

Luchi and Armin went to their first Stream event that December, and their persistence and hard work earned them well-deserved recognition. They were finalists for the Rising Star Award in 2012 and received the Power of Leadership Award the following year. 

Their life drastically changed, however, when they decided to go to last year’s Ohio Launch Celebration despite not knowing anyone.

“We went to Ohio determined, with a strong belief in what the Stream opportunity could do to improve people's lives and with a strong faith that we would be led to those people,” she said. “The day we were about to head back to Pennsylvania, Armin and I prayed for two people to join our business before we headed back home. We attended a church there and within two and a half hours, we had two of our first Ohio associates sign up.”

Their leap of faith helped establish the customer and Associate base they’d need to promote to Executive Director.

Tears of Joy

In the seven years Luchi and Armin have worked tirelessly on their Stream business, the pair has embraced both Stream’s culture of servant-leadership, and the relationships they’ve built with local and national leaders. Their favorite moments often came with tears, not just from themselves but from other leaders, too.

When Mike Foti announced them as Rising Star finalists at Ignition 2013, Luchi said it was such a shock that she cried onstage. Then, at Ignition 2018, when Stream Founder Rob Snyder was called onstage, she cried (and screamed) again. But when Rob announced their latest achievement at the Princeton All-City event, they weren’t there to witness it in person.

“We weren't there but he texted, then video-called us and showed us the group there greeting us. That was so touching,” Luchi said. 

Several members of Luchi and Armin’s leader community cried at the announcement, and she did too.

Luchi and Armin now have set short-term goals to buy their first home and remain active 300 Club members. In seven years, they’d like to become National Directors. They are excited about their future and are ready to build new teams.

“It's clear now that if we set our minds to achieving something, we could do it,” she said. 

Senior VP of Sales Ryan Morris expressed his joy and congratulations to Luchi and Armin for their amazing accomplishment.

“We couldn’t be prouder of Luchi and Armin on their recent promotion to Executive Director!” he said. “Their determination and hard work are proof that persistence pays off, and that you will find success when you plug in and commit to this business. We are excited for what is next for these two and look forward to working alongside them as Stream Leaders. Congratulations Luchi and Armin!” 




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