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May 10, 2019

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May 09, 2019

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ED Celebration Dinner

#WeOverMe: Celebrating EDs Dr. Katrina & Frank Flucas

March 08, 2019

Oh, what a night! We were honored to celebrate some of our newest Executive Directors, Dr. Katrina and Frank Flucas, in Atlanta. Surrounded by team members and friends, including Stream Founder Rob Snyder, the Flucases received VIP treatment as we rolled out the red carpet and ushered the group to the Oceanaire Seafood Room in a luxury limo.

As the night wore on, the impression the Flucases have left on this community and the lives they’ve touched was clearer than ever.

Many people turned up to make the night memorable for the new EDs, including:

Stream Founder Rob Snyder
National Directors Dr. Terry and KC Young
Senior Director Rhonda Gardner
Senior Directors Shakerah and Edrie Brodie
Senior Director Dr. Sheree Gardner
Senior Director Sherrie Kendrick
Senior Director Dr. Angela Wanton
Managing Director Sherita Brooks
Pamela Cannon
Darlene Dowe
Karen Jackson
VP of Field Operations Adrian Avila
Field Development Manager Ed Allred

“Our ED Celebration Dinner was filled with so many memorable moments,” Dr. Flucas said. “The dinner was so intimate and specially designed, there was no detail that was omitted.” At one point, she and Rob Snyder discussed the importance of Stream’s culture and how much it means to them both. “That’s a moment I’ll never forget!” she said.

Stream’s culture wouldn’t be what it is without leaders like Dr. Flucas and Frank championing it every day. That passion doesn’t go unnoticed, including by our very own founder.

As almost all of Stream's leaders are now aware, our focus for the last six months has been upon reinforcing our culture, which I have long argued is this organization's greatest competitive strength,” Rob explained. “It was accordingly quite fitting then that we honor Trina and Frank, who have become two of our foremost Culture Warriors among our leadership ranks. It was a privilege for me, Ed and Adrian to celebrate with the Flucases and their team in Atlanta on their special night.”

True to form, Dr. Flucas shifted the focus from herself to her team during her own celebration, presenting each of them with gifts as a show of love and gratitude. The thoughtful touch brought several guests to tears, according to National Director Dr. Terry Young, who said it was the highlight of the night for him.

“It just speaks to who and what this couple represents,” he explained. The Flucases have been on this path from the beginning and Dr. Young was proud to be there to witness it all.

To see them grow from the Director position to Executive Director speaks to what can happen when you are coachable, teachable, committed, goal oriented, and focused on chasing your dream,” Dr. Young said.

He went on to describe how that winning mindset has left quite an impression on their team:

 “The comments that were made by several individuals demonstrated the high level of respect that this couple has garnered by their actions of servant leadership,” he said. Those combined with comments from Rob, Adrian Avila and Ed Allred “further confirmed what people in Georgia and within Stream have come to know about Dr. Flucas and Frank.”

It was a beautiful night of celebration, he said. And it was punctuated by the debut of Dr. Flucas’s My Stream Story, which she described as the “icing on the cake.”

“The pictures were injected at the perfect moment and it allowed us to truly see our journey over the past five and a half years,” she said. “As I sat at the table, I took a minute to look at the faces of my teammates that have become my family. In that moment, what I saw was beautiful relationships cemented in unconditional love. Thank you Stream!”

Congratulations again to the Flucases. #WeOverMe!

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