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It’s Never Been Easier to Switch to Stream Wireless

February 08, 2019

2019 just started, but here at Stream Wireless, we’re in overdrive to roll out new offerings that’ll help you carry your business nationwide. It’s safe to say that now the reins are truly off.

With everything we’ve announced this year, it’s now easier than ever for your customers to make the switch to Stream Wireless. Remember, each customer you sign up with Stream Wireless boosts your personal customer points, setting the stage for you to earn more and rank advance faster. Here’s a breakdown of everything at your disposal:

Unlimited Plan

We’ve been all in on unlimited for a while, and there are pretty good reasons for that. Our best plan comes with unlimited talk, text, data and the fastest data speeds in the nation, so we made it the only plan. With rates as low as $30 a line, plus Wi-Fi Calling, mobile hotspot and no contracts, your Wireless customers can get everything they need with nothing they don’t.

Device Financing 

Your customers don’t want to be stuck with a device that doesn’t fit their lifestyle. If those customers are craving the newest and hottest smartphones on the market, they can now purchase their favorites in easy-to-manage monthly payments with Device Financing! 

Qualifying customers can finance devices from the Stream Wireless store for up to $2,000 with as low as 0% interest. We’re offering 6, 12, and 18-month installment agreements so your customers can easily find a financing option that works with their budget. Multiple devices can be on the agreement, as long as the amount financed doesn’t exceed the amount the customer qualifies for, and qualified customers pay no interest on their purchase.

Bundle + Save 

Already got a committed base of Energy customers? Build even more business by offering them Bundle + Save. Here’s how your customers can maximize their Stream savings:

  1. Be a Stream Energy customer (electric or gas).
  2. Enroll in Stream’s Unlimited Wireless plan.
  3. Select Data Boost for up to 12x faster data speeds. Now that’s FAST!

Customers will save $10 each month for every data boosted line on their account. More lines mean more savings – and more MEI in your pocket – so make sure your customers have all the lines they need. The discount will appear on your customer’s Wireless bill as long as they are enrolled on both plans.

BYOD Android 

No SIM card? No problem! Now prospective customers can bring their own compatible Android devices when they sign up with Stream Wireless and receive a SIM card once their enrollment is complete. The process is the same as it always has been with Apple devices. 

Data Boost Mix-n-Match 

For your customers who want even more choice in their Wireless plans, there’s Data Boost Mix-n-Match! Give them the flexibility to choose which lines receive a data speed boost and which ones don’t. Only lines that need the extra speed have to have Data Boost, which leaves room for even more savings each month.

There are all kinds of tools in your Power Center, including flyers, training videos and sales sheets to make it easy for you to go nationwide with Stream Wireless. Don’t wait – start expanding your network nationwide today!





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