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June 04, 2019

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Senior Directors Sample Stream’s Best, Prep for the Future

February 07, 2019

Stream prepared its newest Leaders for successful Stream journeys this weekend at the Senior Director Power Trip. 

Their arrivals began with a superstar welcome, complete with blue carpet and a cheering corporate crowd. Next, the Senior Directors were taken on full tours of the corporate offices to see where the magic happens and to put faces to the many staff names that’ve helped them build their businesses to this point. 

Afterward, in the Leadership Meeting, they received a corporate update from Stream executives. Then they were each recognized by leadership and were able to mingle with each other to share stories and laughs. Everyone was then escorted for a fantastic reception and dinner, where they had the opportunity to hear from Stream Founder Rob Snyder over s’mores and cigars.

Saturday, they got down to the big business of the weekend, the Executive Director Bootcamp. The Senior Directors took notes and listened closely to insight, tips and next steps from Top Leaders who’ve made it to the top from the very seats they were seated in. Executive Director Karen Rayo Santiago from Chicago, IL kicked off the morning with her powerful story about belief. National Directors Elbert and Labeebah Thomas trained on the power of the SD code. Chief Sales Officer Steve Fisher moderated a panel discussion with Elbert and fellow NDs Donny Anderson and Miguel Morales about culture. Presidential Director Willa Gipson held an exercise on the Power of Edification. ND Dr. Terry Young lit up the crowd with his session on Finding and Developing Leaders. Rob delivered a powerful message titled "The Time is Now" and ND James Levins closed out the day with an inspiring message to help the SDs take action.

The weekend wrapped up at the home of our #1 Income Earner, National Directors Presley and Jeanie Swagerty, for a BBQ dinner, dancing and a powerful close from Presley himself!

You can read what many attendees had to say about the weekend below:

“This SD Power Trip was nothing short of amazing! The grand welcome from Stream set the excitement level on blast. The inviting atmosphere made socializing and connecting with fellow SDs easy and rewarding. This event was packed with life-changing information and a clear understanding of the flourishing culture Stream has created. To cap off this amazing weekend was a picture of the future successes ahead with a tour of the top money earner's estate and a celebration party like no other. So, to all rising QDs, RDs and MDs this is an event you must attend so keep grinding!” – Senior Director Darrell Watkins 

“Words can't describe how honored and thrilled we are over this SD Power Trip weekend! There wasn’t one thing I would change about it! The whole Stream team did an outstanding job of making us feel welcome, privileged, honored. . . and so appreciated! I won a platinum Value In Practices award in 2015 at my bank which included all candidates from all branches and sister banks . . .I thought that was an amazing moment in my life? Walking through those doors with all of you cheering is a moment I will never ever forget! We loved meeting so many of the staff at corporate. . . all I can say is if everyone modeled their corporation like the Stream business there would be a lot of very happy people in corporate America....this trip validated our belief in this company as the outstanding opportunity it is to be part of something wonderful! God bless you all and thank you . . . now my husband is geared up to get to Senior Director too! Love to all.” – Senior Directors Rosanne & Carl Worden 

“Thank you to you and all the amazing staff and leaders both in corporate and the field that helped to make the SD Power Trip a memorable experience for all of us! We were blown away from the start by the warm welcome at HQ, tour of the facility, dinner the first night, ED boot camp to the barbeque at Presley's house. We felt like royalty and were given the Stream Blue Carpet treatment. Thank you for pouring belief into us because we believe that it is all possible and Stream is the vehicle to allow us to live our best life every day!” – Senior Director Anthony Gonzalez

“To say we had a fantastic time would be an understatement. From the awesome hotel accommodations, to the sensational greeting arriving to the corporate office, to the phenomenal training, and Friday’s beautiful dinner reception, to the delicious breakfast and lunch on Saturday. Not to mention the absolute fabulous BBQ dinner at Presley’s stunning home. This experience was exceptional. We will never forget this this weekend. We learned so much. I have always felt part of the Stream family, but now I know! Thank you Kimberly and all the Stream team that made this possible. Truly Stream is the best company ever! #Streamlife” – Senior Directors Nelly & Miguel Guerrero

“The gold that was poured into us was mind changing! My biggest highlight was hearing from Rob when he said we don't care about race, religions, politics, genders, preference, brown, white that does not matter. What matters to us when you walk through that door is you and what's inside of your heart and mind, we all bleed blue! At first Stream was about the money to me, but I learned over time that's not what I fell in love with, it’s the culture we have, the love. We share the common goal to all be one and each one lift one! You would have thought that we all knew one another for years, but it’s the culture that brings us all together! I will be a forever Streamer till God takes me, this business changed my life in many ways, and I thank God every day for blessing my tribe with it and my partners as well!” – Senior Director Keisha Stewart
“It was great [to] have the opportunity to meet and get [to] know our peers. We are in this business for ourselves yet not by ourselves, so it is a great thing to be engaged and grow through others. . . We were able to hear from Top Leaders who have been in our shoes and they were very eager and motivated to share their experiences in order to provide guidance to our success. . . This was my first time to corporate and the arrival was absolutely amazing. To have everyone stop what they were doing and focus on you is hard to describe. It is like playing a sport and everyone is cheering for you....it helps to validate your value to the Stream Family.” – Senior Director Cedrick Rembert

Here's a list of the Senior Directors who took part in the Senior Director Power Trip:

Esther Alvarez & Manuel Alvarado
Angela Amey
Jacob Andino
Naomi Arbel
Gustavo Barriga
D'angelo Battle
Michele & Tony Bazzell
Brenda Bonal
Julie Brannen
Nora & Tony Brinson
Tamara Brown
Kiairra Bryant
Stephanie Caicedo & 
Andres Giraldo
Blanca Caicedo
Abner Camarillo & Hilda Garcia
Michael Campbell & Cristina Branco
Jamell & Stacy Carter
Gaspar Chávez
Claudia Cortez
Mauro Cruz & Yazmin Pena
Terry & Mike Dayton
Lala & Jesus De La Cruz
Gilberto De La Paz
Alejandrina Dominguez
Susanna & Anthony Drewery
Annacua & Jermaine Durham
Ingrid Edwards

Jeana & Brett Einhaus
Linda & George Elder

Delfina Flores

Jabrinia Gaiter
Kamica Goins
Ruby & Anthony Gonzalez
Nelly & Miguel Guerrero
Daniel Hanchett
Terresena & Bobby Harp
Gary Helms
Jacquelin Hernandez & Daniel Esparza
Leeanna & David Jackson
Gladwin Jarvis
Juan Jimenez & Alma Mejia
Luis Jimenez
John Jones
Melida Llanos Avila
Genoveva Lopez
Silvia Lopez
Lety & James Lotko
Rubia & Walter Mancia
Kari Martinez
Hilda Martinez
Kebrome Mesgina
Fessha Mekuria
Patrice Montgomery
Silvia Morales
Marleny Moran

Westley Morris
Maria & Luis Olivares
Maria Palacios & Abraham Juarez

Martil Palma
Terry & Greg Pogorzelski
Kim Powell
Amilcar Ivan Rayo

Cedrick Rembert
Onofre Rogel
Mary Romero
Loventrice Rushon
Herlinda Sanchez
Flor Santos-Rogel
Talandra Shelton
Kim Stephens
Kiesha Stewart
Elenida & Jim Velio
Neil Wachter
Angela Walker
Jordan Lee Walker
Floyd Walker
Faith Ware
Darrell Watkins
Tess Wilkins
Rosanne & Carl Worden
Cheryl Yassien
Dee Dee & Chris Yorek 



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