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Upcoming Changes to the Compensation Plan

February 05, 2019

In an effort to maintain one of the best compensation plans in the industry, we wanted to make you aware of some upcoming changes to Stream’s current Compensation Plan that will go into effect on March 7, 2019. 

The following is a summary of the changes. For full details, check out our updated Compensation Plan here

Personal Customer Bonus (PCB) Timeframe

Building your business with a sense of urgency is incredibly important to your success. To reinforce that idea and behavior, we’re bringing back the 30, 60 and 90-day timeframe to achieve Personal Customer Bonuses. 

These timeframes were very effective in the past and contributed to much success in the field. When new Associates get paid quickly, leaders get paid quickly, and more momentum is generated for faster overall growth for your business. 

Here’s how the PCB timeframe will work:

  • The threshold to trigger Personal Customer Bonus 3 (PCB 3) of $200 will now be within 30 days of Associate’s application date.
  • The threshold to trigger Personal Customer Bonus 10 (PCB 10) of $500 will now be within 60 days of Associate’s application date.
  • The threshold to trigger Personal Customer Bonus 15 (PCB 15) of $500 will now be within 90 days of Associate’s application date.

Note: Associates with an application date prior to March 7, 2019 will still have 120 days to trigger all portions of their Immediate Income.  

Active vs. Inactive

We are introducing a policy that determines whether an Associate is Active or Inactive. All Associates in an Active status are eligible to earn commissions pending their end of month (EOM) qualification status for their given rank. When an Associate is deemed Inactive, commissions will be forfeited.  To be considered an Active Associate, one of the following requirements must be met:

  1. Subscribe and pay for the Stream Marketing System (SMS)…OR
  2. Have 10 Personal Customer points…OR
  3. Have personally sponsored an Associate or active customer within the last 120 days

Status audits will occur once a month during each EOM qualifications run. The system will do a 120-day review of those who do not subscribe to SMS or do not have 10 Personal Customer points. 

The first 120-day review will take place on June 30 for the July pay period. Again, you must be Active and maintain a qualified status within your rank to be paid any pending commissions. If you reach Inactive status, you can regain your Active status by fulfilling one of the requirements above. At the next EOM qualification run, you will go back to Active status and be eligible for future compensation.

The Active vs. Inactive status check is not applicable during an Associate’s first year of the business. Audits will only apply to those who have been an Associate 13 months or longer. 

MEI Assurance

MEI Assurance will be discontinued. This aspect of the Compensation Plan did not achieve what we were hoping to accomplish, and we feel we can better use these funds elsewhere. The last MEI Assurance payout will be in March. 

Additional Changes

Finally,  the following updates will go into effect for all Associate application dates and customer enrollments that occur on or after March 7, 2019: 

  • Due to Northeast gas costs continuing to rise, we are discontinuing our Gas Pack Promotion.
  • All new Northeast residential gas customer enrollments will have a point value of 0.5 points as stated in the Compensation Plan.
  • Existing Northeast residential gas customers enrolled under the Gas Pack Promotion prior to March 7, 2019 will retain their point value of one point as long as their account remains active. The point value will still contribute to your end of the month qualifications, rank advancement and bonuses.

Lastly, we are focusing on our core businesses of Energy and Wireless. Virtual MD and Digital Voice will no longer be credited as a Customer Point for qualifications and rank advancement. However, these Protective and Home Services will now pay standard MEI: Digital Voice, Virtual MD, Roadside Assistance, Tech Support and Identity Theft Protection. 

All customers with an enrollment date prior to March 7, 2019 will retain their Customer Point value for your end of the month qualifications, rank advancement and applicable bonuses, as long as their account remains active. 

Example: If a new Associate enrolls on February 28, 2019, then enrolls a Digital Voice customer on March 1, 2019 for one Customer Point, the point could trigger a bonus during the following week’s bonus run (and any bonus run for the next 90 days).

View Full Compensation Plan

As we gear up for Ignition 2019, we’re looking forward to sharing more about the new Compensation Plan benefits and many other announcements to help you have your best year yet!

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