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Congratulations New NDs Dr. Terry & KC Young!

January 16, 2019

We’ve already celebrated two incredible Streamers this week for reaching the Stream mountaintop, but now we’re proving that three really is a magic number. Join our cheering chorus of congratulations for Dr. Terry and KC Young, who have worked incredibly hard and earned the rank of National Director!

This power couple from Stockbridge, Georgia embody the best of Stream culture with their commitment to passionate, purposeful team building. Read on to hear their sponsor story and learn what they sacrificed to make their National Director dreams come true.

On Another Planet

Dr. Terry’s journey with Stream started before the company even debuted in Georgia. His brother, who lives in Dallas, first called him about the Opportunity in 2007, but between working 80-90 hours a week as a high school principal and pursuing his doctorate, Dr. Terry didn’t have the time.

After he earned his doctorate that December, Stream launched in the Peach State in April 2008, and Dr. Terry decided to check out the reason his brother had called him every month for a full year.

“The first meeting I went to, it was so packed there I didn’t even get in. I think there were about 5,000 people there,” he said. “I said, ‘Ok, I need to look at this seriously.’ Two weeks later [Presidential Director] Susan [Fisher] and [Presidential Director] Willa [Gipson] came back to do a meeting and that’s when I first saw the Opportunity.”

Dr. Terry said the Compensation Plan fit right along with what he wanted to do and had planned for the rest of his life. He could get paid on need-based, recession proof services, and he didn’t need to gather hundreds of customers to do it. So he jumped in with the goal of using the money he earned to pay a $700 student loan bill. When that goal became a reality, Dr. Terry said it “put me on another planet and I haven’t stopped running since.”

No Christmas Break

When the Youngs began their holiday preparations, a run to National Director wasn’t on their shopping list. Stream’s highest ranking had always been a goal of theirs, and Dr. Terry said because of the Leaders that surfaced in his downline, it became a realistic possibility in 2018.

First, Ronnie and Laura Millen promoted on September 14 to become the first Executive Director in his organization. Then on December 6, Dr. Katrina and Frank Flucas became the second.

“That’s when it became really real,” he said.

Dr. Terry and KC identified the third possible ED candidate – Nannette and Lloyd Rolle – and they all worked together, day and night to make it happen. 

“When other people had a Christmas break, we didn’t,” Dr. Terry said. “As an educator we had two weeks off for Christmas – actually 17 days. We didn’t even have a break. From the time we got out that morning, we worked from 12 to 1 o’clock that morning.”

They made calls, set up and held meetings and trainings in addition to their meetings in Detroit, Michigan twice a month. Soon, it was clear that Christmas would have to wait. 

“I told my wife, ‘Listen, we won’t have a Christmas this year. We’ll celebrate it in 2019 when we’re National Directors’ and she bought in,” he said. 

When other people were in stores buying gifts and enjoying the holidays, Dr. Terry, KC, Nannette and Lloyd were grinding. Dr. Terry said that the team’s effort, dedication and commitment ultimately led them to National Director. 

“I’m so grateful for those individuals who believed in Stream. They believed in me, they trusted us,” he said. “We’re here today because of that.”

Building Teams, Sparking Movements

If you’ve been to any local or national Stream events, you’ve probably seen more than a few people in XStream Squad t-shirts. You can thank Presidential Director Willa Gipson and Dr. Terry for that large contingent of enthusiastic Associates from Detroit, Miami, Texas, Georgia and New York. Dr. Terry said Willa has been amazing as his leader.

“She’s been the person that really has taught me how to build this business, how to build leaders. Since day one I joined this business, Willa has been right there in the background,” he said. “We do everything together.” 

Together, he and Willa came up with the name XStream Squad. Though some of the members are Willa’s teammates, the vast majority are based on his team. The team’s culture and message has resonated with folks all over the country as more and more Streamers bought in. Dr. Terry said that the Young success can be directly attributed to the many Leaders they have on their team.

“Over a 10-year period in this business, what has attributed to my success is developing leaders who have the right mindset that this business can supplement their income and help them achieve their goals in life,” he said. “To find those people who see it, who believe in it and they just learned the business and develop as a leader, and now they’re leading their own teams.”

KC has also sparked a powerful movement in Georgia. For the past two years, KC has coordinated and lead monthly Women of Power events. Those events, which each have a different theme, have grown from 30-35 attendees to nearly 100 ladies.

“One theme would be Sip & Build, or Lipstick & Jewelry, so she made it fun and interesting, and ladies started to plug in,” he said. “She even had EDs from other states come in to participate in her Women of Power movement. That also helped us get to this ND level.”

Stream Success, Past & Future

The Youngs’ dedication to team building has allowed them to accomplish amazing things. They’ve paid off two cars, several credit cards, bought a home and continue to pay student loans with the money they’ve made in their Stream business. The biggest accomplishment, Dr. Terry said, was making enough to allow KC to retire in 2015.

KC, who is also a minister, owned a day care business for 16 years that demanded a lot of time and energy, so a year before they put a plan in place to phase out her involvement. As the Youngs began to transition out of the business, they saw another chance to change a life.

“We were able to not just sell the business, but we were able to bless one of her parents that – my wife raised her two boys through her daycare for 12 years – by giving her the day care,” Dr. Terry said. “That’s what we do. We just love helping people, serving people.”

Now that they’ve made National Director, Dr. Terry said it feels surreal. The Youngs still have a few more goals to conquer. Their short-term goal is to pay off all of their credit card debt. Long-term, they plan to continue supplementing their retirement to allow Dr. Terry to retire from education earlier than he expected.

Here's what a few close colleagues had to say about the newest National Directors:


“Dr. Young and his wife Reverend KC Young are the true examples of the culture of Stream. They have reached the level of National Director without excuses and with sheer drive, will and determination. I have firsthand witnessed the sacrifices both have made in the last 12 months to get to ND. Examples of those sacrifices are missing their son’s college football games, [and] traveling to Michigan, Texas, New York, and Ohio to help their teams grow and develop. They put themselves aside and poured their energies into their teammates who wanted to enhance their families’ lives. Not only have they helped their team, but they have also helped so many on others’ teams in the true spirit of Stream. I can honestly say that Terry and KC have never vacated their Stream business since they began this journey in 2008 and that is the primary reason for their success. The most impressive attribute that they possess is the ability to develop leaders. The leaders on their team are quality people that bought into the Stream game plan under Doc’s leadership. I am so proud of this rank advancement for them and I am blessed to have them on my team. They truly are my brother and sister in Christ and for a lifetime. Congratulations to them both on a job well done!” – Presidential Director Willa Gipson


“I could not be more excited about recognizing Dr. Terry and KC Young as National Directors. They are the epitome of leadership and the sacrifices that they have made to get to National Director are substantial. As a high school principal in Georgia, Dr. Young has very little spare time, but while working in a very demanding career, along with the partnership with his wife KC, they have promoted to the highest position in Stream! What they’ve been able to accomplish in their home state of Georgia and many of our other markets is a shining testament to their dedication and belief in this business and in each other. They are well known for creating a culture of helping everyone, whether they are on their team or not, and they do it with professionalism and the highest ethics. Now, more than ever, I know the sky’s the limit for these two and I could not be happier. Congratulations Dr. Terry and KC Young and welcome to the top!” – Chief Sales Officer Steve Fisher




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