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We’re On A Rolle! Welcome New EDs Lloyd and Nannette Rolle!

January 16, 2019

After just two and a half years in the business, we’re proud to congratulate Lloyd and Nannette Rolle for promoting to the esteemed rank of Executive Director! Read on for this couple’s Stream story that’s sure to inspire you on your way to the top.

In Pursuit of a Passion
Before Stream, Lloyd and Nannette were very passionate about their jobs. An army veteran, Lloyd works at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center as a maintenance mechanic and his wife Nannette is an educator for the Henry County Public School System in Georgia. Although they loved their respective careers, Lloyd said they were mostly just managing life. 

“Our jobs at first was our passion, but over the years, it has evolved into just a job,” he said. “We were becoming complacent and stagnant in both of our jobs. We were looking for a way to elevate our way of living.”

After creating vision boards with their church, the couple realized that they both wanted to start a business, but they weren’t sure what kind. The answer eventually came from a persistent friend who offered a piece of audacious truth.

A Convenient Truth
Lloyd admits that Frank Flucas, the owner of a local Planet Smoothie store, had been after him for months about an opportunity to save money on his gas bill. He mostly brushed off the comments until one month his bill was a whopping $300.

“I immediately went to the store with the intent to switch our gas,” he said. “Frank said the famous words, ‘I am going to make money off your gas bill!’ That did not sit well with me and I told him, ‘You are not going to make money off of me! How can I make money off my own gas bill’? The next day right at the store, Frank and Dr. Katrina Flucas showed us the presentation. We joined on the spot.”

A Change Has Come
Life has definitely changed for the Rolles since they joined Stream. For one, Stream has helped offset the cost of Lloyd going back to school to pursue his bachelor’s degree. Both Lloyd and Nannette still work their full-time jobs, but they now organize their growing schedules with weekend travel, promoting the business in the evenings, their son’s activities and fitting in family time. The couple admits it’s been a roller coaster, but the family wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lloyd said the best part of Stream is that they’re still learning the business, which means his business will continue to grow. 

“We wanted to leave our kids with something more than just debt. We wanted the opportunity to make generational wealth, where they can not only inherit but also build their own legacy,” he said. “The icing on the cake for us: we did not have to wait to get a promotion or a raise. We could blaze our own path.”

Lloyd said his biggest accomplishment has been seeing his wife bloom through Stream. Nannette has jumped into the Stream business head-on by learning, networking with local leaders and getting involved with Stream events. 

“My wife has gone to Michigan, Ohio, Chicago, Alabama, Texas and all over Georgia to help the team build [and] solidify our future,” he said. “Her crusade for Women [of] Power, her theme song ringing in the meetings, ‘Who Run The World,’ and presenting at the corporate business presentations pushed and motivated me to work harder.”

National Director Dr. Terry Young said though the Rolles did not have early success, they took the liberty of reaching out to different leaders, on his team and others, to learn.

“They were doing this, and I didn’t know it,” he said. “They were assertive in terms of what could they do to help them grow their business.”

Dr. Young said Nannette showed dedication once she linked up with enthusiastic team members by flying and driving to other markets to spread the Stream message.

“She works a full-time job as an educator herself, and she would do these things on her own,” he said. “Her willpower to succeed is unequaled to a lot of people because you just don’t see that, and that’s why she made it to her ED rank. Because of her willingness, because of her willpower, because of her commitment, her sacrifice and they didn’t make excuses. They figured it out.”

What Comes Next
The future is bright, and the path is clear for the Rolles. They have a long-term goal of rank advancing to National Director and becoming one of the Top 25 Income Earners by 2022. Lloyd is set to graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Project Management this November, and he plans to open his own project management company. They are now in the process of purchasing their ‘Forever Home’ and with their son Aaron heading to college soon, they’re also building savings for his tuition.

Lloyd said his advice for new Stream Associates seeking success boils down to three Ps:

  • Patience – Meet people where they are, not where you want them to be.
  • Persistence – Following up is key.
  • Positivity – This is not your job, it’s your life. So, rise, grind and smile!

Chief Sales Officer Steve Fisher lent his well wishes to the Rolles on their promotion below:

“I want to extend a huge congratulations to Nanette and Lloyd Rolle on their amazing achievement of promoting to Executive Director! It takes an incredible amount of work, determination, and teamwork to reach this level in Stream’s business and they have been committed to the process. The Rolle’s show up to every event and have been students of our business. This commitment to learning and then transferring their knowledge and excitement to their team has led to them becoming top leaders in our business. We are excited about Nanette and Lloyds future with Stream and can’t wait to celebrate this accomplishment with them on our 2019 Top Performers Trip in Grand Cayman! Congratulations Nanette and Lloyd!”





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