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Congratulations New NDs Oscar & Araceli Rodriguez!

January 15, 2019

Break out the party hats and confetti because we’re celebrating another astonishing Streamer for their recent promotion to our highest honor! To say Oscar and Araceli Rodriguez saw the vision and true dream of the Stream Opportunity and ran with it would be an understatement. And now, they’ve achieved greatness by becoming our newest National Directors! Congratulations! Read more about their journey and how family and patience were their keys to success.

A Loyal Customer and a Good Friend

Years ago, Oscar owned a Mexican restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas. After a frequent customer passed away, he was invited to the funeral by a son, who soon became a loyal customer himself. The man, Carl Green, mentioned that he planned to retire with a new energy company called Stream, and right away, that got Oscar’s attention. After viewing the business presentation, he figured he could make $200 a month.

“I just said I was going to sign up to see what happens,” he said. 

But after joining he couldn’t find much success. So, he only did enough to get his initial investment back and stopped working the business for three years. The next time he saw Carl, he was driving a brand-new truck.

“He said, ‘Remember the business? With the money they pay me, I’m paying for this truck,’” Oscar said. “That got my attention again.”

Oscar decided to give the business a second shot, and really plugged in to the meetings despite no experience in network marketing. It took time to learn, and he often was soaking up that knowledge next to prospective Associates, although most told him no.

It’s usually around this time that an Associate will experience the growing pains of building a Stream business. Oscar felt that pang, but then two very important things acted as a kickstart to his success: he found himself enjoying the work of helping people save money on their electricity, and he signed up his first prospect.

That person was his cousin, Gabriel Morales.

Family That Stays Together

The men in Oscar’s family have always been close. As kids, they often worked together, and a competitive fire brewed between them. By the time adulthood came, Oscar and five of his relatives owned restaurants and, combined, had decades of experience in the industry, but they rarely spent time together anymore. Thanksgiving Day was usually the only day they were all together.

That changed when Oscar and Gabriel signed up as Stream Associates. Oscar knows that some people struggle with being able to work the business with other family members, as the norm is usually that relatives do not want to join, but with his family, it’s been the opposite. 

Soon, everyone had bought in and were building their businesses, but Oscar will tell you he was the first. To date, he has over 40 family members who are also part of the Stream family, and that core childhood crew has found incredible success. The short list looks like this:

“With Stream we came back to the same culture we had as kids,” Oscar said. “We travel together. We spend a lot of time together, even though we’re married now. We work the business as a family.” 

Each family member has their own style and strengths when it comes to Stream. Alex is the public speaker. Felipe’s infectious smile makes him personable. For Oscar, he’s relied on person-to-person relationship building and a few simple truths.

“I’m not a good speaker, I don’t like to present. Alex and Gabriel, they are very good at presenting,” he said. “At first I was afraid to be in front of the people. I still am, but I’m very good one-on-one. How to present the business to someone, how to make them see that they need this business.”

VP of Field Operations Adrian Avila vividly recalls meeting Oscar in 2007 and immediately being won over by his big heart and the tremendous vision he had for his family.


“Coupled with his admirable work ethic, his uncommon desire to succeed, and of course, that megawatt winning smile, he began leading the way to help many change their lives for the better,” Adrian said. “After more than 23 years in the Network Marketing profession, I always refer to what Oscar, Araceli, and their team have accomplished as one of the best family success stories I’ve ever seen. We are honored to have them not only as valued Stream partners and very good friends, but now, our newest National Directors!”

Patience with the Process

Oscar said he faced the most adversity in his business when he first started with Stream. That’s the time you face a lot of objections from customers and prospects, and when most Associates quit, not realizing that as with anything, you have to give yourself time for it to work, he said.

“They don’t understand that they have to go through that process,” he said.

In those down times, he leaned on his dream of having success with Stream and cultivated a positive mindset. Consistency is key, and Oscar worked the business every day by making it a habit. Often, before he knows it, he’s already talking about the business to someone new, which is a tip he picked up from Adrian.  

“The reason I have a lot of success is because I understand that when people say no, it means they are not ready,” he said. 

He uses every strategy as part of his game plan, including one-on-one meetings, home and weekly meetings and even WhatsApp communications. He describes recognition as the main aspect of his team culture. For example, when a person gets their first three customers or qualifies for Regional Director, he posts a congratulations message on social media.

When Associates are struggling in their business, Oscar tells them to commit to the business and tries to offer a heads up of what is coming.

“Look, this is going to happen so I’m going to let you know ahead of time that there’s going to be a time when you want to quit, but that’s ok. It’s normal. I went thru that too,” he said. “It’s part of the business, but you have to keep going.”

Soaking in Success

Becoming National Director is a huge accomplishment here at Stream. The company has only had 12 NDs since its founding (Oscar’s cousin Miguel is also a National Director). Oscar said although he’s happy that all the hard work he put in paid off, he’s even more excited about what his promotion means for others who may be watching. 

“It means, to me, an example for others, especially in the Hispanic market, that it can be done and that we can help them get there,” he said. “I feel very proud that I got to this position because by doing that, more people are going to get inspired and believe they can do it as well.”

Up next on Oscar’s to-do list is becoming a Top 5 Income Earner and developing more Leaders in the company. He said coming from meager beginnings in Mexico helped him value the chance to change his life.

“Now that we have this, we really value this. This is amazing, to be able to do this,” he said. “It’s amazing to be able to not only change your life, but to be a better person. Not only that but my brothers and cousins, they have the same opportunity to do that. It’s a huge deal.”





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