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Super Saturday

Plan Ahead to Pack Super Saturday

November 28, 2018

You'll always get something out of Super Saturday — but if you want an experience that helps shape your business into something truly successful, you'll need to do a little more than simply show up. Focus your prep efforts on your team and any guests you have in mind to bring, and Super Saturday will be the event catalyst to drive change in everyone’s lives!

Team Up!

Every member of your team should be at Super Saturday, no question. By experiencing Super Saturday together, you're igniting their drive, encouraging them to connect with leaders and fellow Associates, and helping build momentum! 

How to prep your team:

  • Contact and encourage every member of your team to commit to attend — there are five big reasons they should be there with guests in tow.
  • Pull the Rank Advancement Report from your Power Center and send out a special invite to anyone close to promoting to get them the extra motivation they need to attend.
  • Brainstorm and develop a list of your 2019 goals and ideas for how to jumpstart your Stream business in the new year.

Gather Up Guests!

Want to know the number one reason you need to be at Super Saturday? So your guests can catch the vision and discover the Stream Opportunity first-hand! It's the ideal way for them to experience the excitement of Stream.

How to prep your guests:

  • Between now and January 12, hone in on individuals you haven't spoken to about the Stream Opportunity—or those you have, a while back—and extend a special invitation for them to join you.
  • Pull out the megaphone and let guests know that Super Saturday is a free, quick event in their area where they can learn about Stream and catch the vision while feeling supported and empowered. 
  • Make a detailed plan to attend with your guests. Are you carpooling or will you meet at the venue? Does anyone need a ride?

Everyone you know, from team members to your select guests, should hear about Super Saturday. It’s a special opportunity to be part of an electrifying experience that focuses, unites, and motivates everyone in the room toward success. Taking the time to prepare your team and guests for this new year’s event will ensure that your business starts 2019 on the right track.

Check the map below for a complete listing of the locations near you. Remember, although this is a free event, due to space availability registration is required to secure your spot. Locations will fill up fast so register today!

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