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Meet the Front-Runners for the 2019 300 Club

3 days ago

Congratulations to all Associates who have achieved their goal early of reaching qualifications for the 2019 Incentive Programs, and brought themselves a step closer to earning their place in the 2019 300 Club. Through their hard work and dedication, these Associates are ahead of the game!

Here’s a look at the Incentives these Associates are eligible to receive based on their rank:

  • MEI Bonus: Open to Managing Directors and above
  • Mercedes-Benz Car Program: Open to Managing Directors and above
  • Streamcation: Open to newly promoted Senior Directors in the calendar year (ex. 2018) and existing Managing Directors and above who have achieved end of year qualifications
  • Top Performers Trip: Open to newly promoted Executive Directors in the calendar year (ex. 2018) and existing Executive Directors and above who have achieved end of year qualifications
  • Ignition Perks: Open to Executive Directors and above
  • Travel Stipend: Open to Executive Directors and above

As a reminder, to remain eligible for these incentives Associates must maintain qualifications through December 31, 2018 at 11:59:59 p.m. CST.

 300 Club

Check out the below list of Associates who have currently reached the above requirements - and check back weekly for updates.

 Shawn Leayman

Andrew Brock


Fikru Bogale


Lloyd Rolle


Ron Anglin


Martin Augustine


Shane Callwood


David & Cassandra Hayden


Shameisha Brown


Anthokeya Bryant Burney


Karen Rayo Santiago


Robert Peterson


Roque Hernandez


Beverly Coover-Pirone


Katrina King-Flucas


Yanira Marisol De Paz


Minerva Lopez


Tara Woodman


Katherine Hennelly


Alma L. Mejia


Alicia Harrington


Linda Elder


Alona Epps-Collins


Kamica Goins


Glenys Soriano Cerrato


Luz Molano


Morgan Hatch


Gregory Pogorzelski


Paul Baccus


Mercedes Guevara


Michael Acker


Thomas Miller


San Juana Rodriguez


Sophia Jackson


Sarah Steinberg


LaMarr Winston


Alona Epps-Collins


Deborah Hock

Amilcar Ivan Rayo

Nadyelli Rodriguez

  Michelle Garber** 
  Kimberly Stephens** 
  Cedrick Rembert** 


Dr. Terry & KC Young

Winchel & Felicia Elibert

Presley & Jeanie Swagerty

Sandra Cuellar & Tacho Rocha

Terri & Bryan Hatch

Randy & Marcie Hedge

Maria Huerta & Donal Picazo

Michelle & Randall Blackmon

Greg & Heather McCord

Michael Whitfield

George Koufalis

Elbert & Labeebah Thomas

Luis & Marytza Gonzalez

James Levins

Mark & La Dohn Dean

Anthony & Tiffany Cooper

Michael & Danene Foti

Mark Florez

Mark Evans

Robert Bell

Miguel & Blanca Morales

Diana & Ed Alcocer

Stefan & Nancy Rodriguez

Donny & Susan Anderson

Oscar & Araceli Rodriguez

Jerry & Monica Scribner

Jim Spargur

Michael J Lerman

Gabriel & Veronica Morales

Martha & Martin Troy

Thomas & Dr. Dominique Brooks

Cobi Ben-Bassat

Trey & Sally Dyer

Jason Bias

Willa Gipson


Angie Kriner-Doorfee & Keith Naugle

Susan Fisher


Wayne Pekarski

Andra Williams


Amy & Jordan Nadell

Terry & Shelba Yancey


Sandra & John Walsh

Jerry Veal


Brian & Karen Dilsheimer

Michelle & Louis Miori


Curtis Sparlin



Noreen Savage



Jeff & Kristina Stier



Ernesto & Melinda Perez



Ronnie & Laura Millen



Carrie & Robert Paster

Antonio Gutierrez

Greg & LaSheila Williams

Brett & Jackie Morrow

Benjamin Battle


Alex Rodriguez



Justin & Portia Johnson



Kerrun Hill    
Guy & Jessica Pryor    

Mark Feinman


Marguerite & Michael Coyle**     


If you're not on the list yet, don't be discouraged! Keep up the hard work and continue working towards achieving your goals.


**New Qualifiers
*This list is updated weekly on Friday to include new achievers and remove those who have dropped below requirements since the previous post.





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