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Congratulations to Our Newest ED Enrique Alatrista!

October 02, 2018

Well, that didn’t take long! Following the reveal of three game-changing promotions at Connect, we already have our very first Executive Director promotion. Join us in congratulating Enrique Alatrista!

“Our first Executive Director promotion coming out of Connect weekend! Enrique joined the business in 2008 and has been a passionate and committed leader for Stream ever since,” said VP of Field Operations Adrian Avila. “He’s done very well building in the Spanish-speaking markets and has always been known to help anyone in need.”

CSO Steve Fisher also noted Enrique’s passion for leading with heart. “His servant leadership and his love for Stream are the pillars of his success,” Steve said.

A Man With a Plan

Hailing from Georgia, Enrique has enjoyed a very successful two-decade real estate career. But one day, he realized it was time to protect himself from the unknown. “Every time I sell a house, I’m unemployed until I sell the next one,” he explained.

No one can know what tomorrow brings; we can only try to steel ourselves for challenges to come. And so, when Enrique was presented with the Stream Opportunity, he saw his chance to secure some “income insurance” in case he needed a Plan B.

This Is Just the Beginning

His backup plan has proven to be a major source of success and recognition. At Ignition 2018, Enrique was recognized as a Power of Leadership recipient, and his hard work has resulted in massive achievement, including his entrance into the 300 Club.

These are notable accomplishments, but Enrique is only getting started. His success thus far is largely the result of his own drive, talent and positive attitude. Without the help of a dedicated upline, he has climbed the ranks against all odds, overcoming challenges that might have knocked a less determined man out of the ring.

Not Enrique. His hard-won successes are all his own, and he has every intention of keeping up the fight.

Steve knows from experience that Enrique is a man of his word. “He actually came up to me at an event and told me his goals for promoting to Executive Director, and he did exactly what he said he would!” he said. “We couldn’t be more excited and proud to celebrate this achievement with him.”



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