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November 28, 2018

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BIG Item of Discussion: Let’s Talk Disclaimers

October 02, 2018

We know all about income claims. We’ve introduced the new Income Disclosure Statement. Now, let’s tie together these important topics with some basic questions about disclaimers.

What is a disclaimer?
A short statement disclosing information regarding the income potential with the Stream Opportunity. These disclaimers always point to our new Income Disclosure Statement; which provides the details of Stream Associates’ average income.

Why is using disclaimers important?
Recently, the Federal Trade Commission has stated any income claim that does not represent the average representative of a company could be considered misleading. So, they recommend adding a disclaimer to the statement/image adding color and/or providing information that qualifies the comment/image.

When should I use a disclaimer?

When making any statement regarding the Stream Opportunity that does not represent the average Associate experience, you should use a disclaimer.Disclaimers are needed on both types of income claims, whether it’s earnings or lifestyle. Here are a few examples for your reference.

  • Express earnings claims by listing specific amounts of earnings like,“I’m 30 days into this opportunity and have already made $2,000!”; or, “Shout out to Bob Jones who just triggered a $500 bonus”.
  • Lifestyle claims include pictures or statements with references to the achievement of one's dreams, having everything one always wanted, or implying wealth. These often include terms of possibility or chance, such as, “Our Stream business has allowed my wife to come home and be a full-time mom", or “Just received my FREE Mercedes from Stream. MIND BLOWN! I love this company.” Even, “Check out the resort I’m staying at when Stream sends me on an all-expense paid vacation this fall”.
  • Lastly, include disclaimers when making hypothetical claims to explain potential earnings. Such as, “Join Stream and start earning $200 per month using our new CustomerPLUS Program”, or “Stream is offering $1,000 for new Associates, private message me for details”.

Check back with us in November for more details on disclaimers and as always feel free to contact us with questions at BIG@mystream.com.





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