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Congratulations, New EDs Ronnie and Laura Millen!

September 14, 2018

When an Associate promotes to Executive Director, it’s cause for big celebration. It’s not an easy feat, but Ronnie and Laura Millen of Conyers, Georgia, have certainly made the most of their journey so far.


Get to know our newest Executive Directors, and help us congratulate them on this tremendous achievement!

More About Ronnie and Laura


A few short years ago, former head football coach and educator Ronnie Millen was looking for something to occupy his new-found free time after leaving his coaching job. When a player’s father invited him to a meeting to see the Stream Opportunity, it all clicked. He was in.

Ronnie originally wanted to join because he had his heart set on retiring (which he did) and building enough income to take care of his family and travel with his wife Laura. Today, they’re pursuing a long-term goal of building a massive, active team and helping as many people as possible make their dreams come true. In turn, Ronnie and Laura will achieve their own dreams.

The secret, they say, is in the “HOPE” method: Helping Other People Exceed.

The Millens consistently demonstrate their belief in the importance of staying active within the Stream community. You can find them at many Stream events, helping their team get engaged and motivated to take action. Laura is especially involved with Women of Power because she understands the huge impact it has on her personal and professional development.

So far, the Millens say one of their favorite Stream moments was arriving at a 300 Club Mercedes ceremony to see six shiny new luxury cars with big, blue bows on the hoods. “Knowing that we would be receiving one was pretty special,” Ronnie said.

From the People Who Know Them Best

Some of the Millens’ good friends have chimed in to congratulate them on their massive success!

“Our newest Executive Directors are some of the most passionate people you’ll ever meet,” said Presidential Director Willa Gipson. “They get the job done and pour themselves into their teams. These are people of strong character who believe in doing business the right way and helping people along the way. Since I’ve known them, they’ve become my dear friends and I just love them!”

“The Millens are two of my very favorite people,” said CSO Steve Fisher. “Ronnie brought his coaching skills to Stream and it’s helped them build their business the right way. They really know how to build a team. I couldn’t be more excited to congratulate them on their success.”


“Laura has been an integral part of Stream’s Women of Power community,” said Director of Events & Recognition Chelsey Berend. “We are thrilled to see her and Ronnie promote to Executive Director and cannot wait to recognize them at Connect 2018.”

“Congratulations to our newest Executive Directors! I am so very proud of your work, your accomplishments, what you’ve done with your teams and how you’ve been so instrumental in helping so many people change their lives,” said Executive Director Dr. Terry Young. “When we conduct meetings together, I see the leadership in you and how you pull out the best from your team. That’s why you’ve been so successful. I know your team is proud of you, and I wish you much continued success. Enjoy the fruits of your hard work and be very, very proud of what you’ve done and how you’ve supported so many people. Many blessings!”

"We are so proud of Ronnie and Laura Millen for their recent promotion and becoming Stream's newest Executive Directors. The Millens have been some of our most passionate leaders, building their business with integrity and a passion for helping everyone they come in contact with," said Vice President of Field Operations Adrian Avila. "They are well-respected ambassadors of our Stream culture and have always been willing to lend a helping hand whenever needed. We thank them for their continued leadership throughout their Stream journey and look forward to recognizing them at Connect. Congratulations, Ronnie and Laura!"

Here’s to many more happy memories and continued success! Congratulations!




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