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November 28, 2018

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Big News for Commercial Energy

September 29, 2018

We just shared major Commercial Energy announcements at Connect 2018! Get all caught up and get ready to take immediate action, because these developments spell huge opportunity for your business.

Opportunity Expansion

You can now enroll Commercial Energy customers in three new states: Ohio, Illinois and Delaware. As of today, 875,000 eligible commercial meters are now up for grabs in three of our newest markets, so start building your lists.

Commercial Joins CustomerPLUS

If that news wasn’t enough to get you out of your seat, maybe this will do the trick: Commercial now counts for the CustomerPLUS program. Start stacking your qualifying points even faster to get to your next level and massive earning potential!

Get Set for Success

With all these new opportunities, you’ll want to make sure you’re best positioned to take them and run. Here’s our advice:
  1. Get acquainted and work closely with a dedicated Commercial Account Executive. These experts from Stream’s corporate office will go around the world and back to help you enroll and retain your customers, answer questions and be your support system at every turn.
  2. Study up! The Commercial Team will hit the road soon to provide in-depth training on growing your Commercial business. In the meantime, visit your Power Center to download a new training flyer and watch a video from Senior VP of Sales Ryan Morris to pick up some key skills for sharing Commercial.
This is an exciting time to start building a Commercial business, or jumpstart your existing one. Let’s get to work! 

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