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BIG Item of Discussion: Tips for a Successful Event Booth

September 04, 2018

Fall is almost here, which means the holiday season is just around the corner, bringing with it plenty of carnivals, fairs and back to school events. Are you all set to liven up the party with a Stream booth?

If you want to build your business by participating in the booth program this fall, now is the time to get certified and register your event! Remember: You have to register and receive approval for your event in advance, so the earlier you submit your request, the better!

Get Booth Certified

  1. Review the booth training program in your Power Center.
  2. Take the certification test and submit it to
  3. We’ll review your test and send your Certificate of Completion.
  4. You’re certified!

Then, all you need to do is submit your event registration form (also found in your Power Center) to BIG and complete a state-specific training for your event.

Tips for Your Booth Events

  • Research upcoming school and community events in your area. There will be tons over the next few months:
    • Local fairs and carnivals
    • Back to school events
    • Holiday bazars
  • Get your team involved. You may find you have more success working as a group. Also, we encourage leaders to host a booth and invite their downline to participate. You can train your team on proper in-person sales and recruiting techniques while you grow your business—a win-win!
  • Last-minute opportunity? Take a chance! We do ask that you submit your event registration request at least four weeks in advance, but sometimes great opportunities pop up unexpectedly. If your event falls within the four-week timeframe, go ahead and submit your request and we’ll try our hardest to accommodate you.

Questions? Check out the booth FAQ in your Power Center or email





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