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Everything to Know Heading Into Connect

August 03, 2018

Once again, we’re taking Connect on the road as a team-building, energizing regional event. This year, we’re hitting four cities across the country to fire you up about the future with one day of training, group activities and a celebration of a community unlike any other.

Connect 2018
September 29, 2018
Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Columbus

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That’s right: this year, Connect is taking place in a record-breaking five places at once. With that, there’s never been fewer excuses to miss it; there’s a venue bound to be right in your backyard. And, and there’s never been more reasons why you need to be there. 

Invaluable Training from Local Leaders

No one knows the ins-and-outs of building a business from your spot quite like those that have already succeeded. These local leaders are looking to give back, and share what they’ve learned with the leaders of tomorrow. Whether you’re fresh to this business or a veteran yourself, the chance to revitalize your business with tips from those who have done it best is too good to pass up. 

Team Building & Rank Advancement

The foundation of any strong Stream business lies in your ability to build an all-star team and advance through the leadership ranks. In this session, a Top Leader will demonstrate the simplicity of growing by duplication and how that significantly increases your earning potential. We’ll even break down how to chart your course all the way to the top in your Power Center.

Developing Leaders

If you’re set on building a team of motivated, engaged Associates (and you should be!), remember: Leaders attract leaders, and the quality of your team’s leadership directly impacts your success. In each Connect location, experienced leaders will break down the importance of developing yourself into the kind of leader you want on your team so you can attract the top brass to your business.

90-Day Action Plan

Finally, we’ll set the wheels in motion with a 90-day action plan to help you build toward Ignition 2019, presented by Senior VP of Sales Ryan Morris. In addition to goal-setting and accountability techniques, Ryan will share his powerful whiteboard strategy that helps you identify active Associates, get them promoted and pinpoint new leaders along the way. This is a step-by-step visualization of progress and results—a critical skillset you need for your business!

Need more convincing? Here’s what some of our leaders have to say about Connect:


“Connect is combination of a rock concert, a family reunion and a revival. You can’t miss it!” – National Director Presley Swagerty  

“Connect is a great event in the midst of the most active three months in our profession. Those who attend with their teams have a great opportunity to create enormous momentum with the tools, resources and training provided to us.” – Presidential Director Willa Gipson

"I always look forward to the time with team members, learning, training and growing, together as a team, and hearing the new announcements that can explode our teams!” – Presidential Director Susan Fisher

“Connect is the event to learn from top leaders and get educated on all our new tools and training. Make sure you have as many people on your team with you as you can! I can’t wait to see y’all there!” - Our very own Senior VP of Sales Ryan Morris  

Network with Your Stream Family

If you’re only coming to Stream events for the formal set-in-stone training opportunities, you’re missing out on a goldmine of learning. Nowhere else is there such a potential to trade and share business tips and insights from such a diverse crowd, all singularly focused on success.


A Day of Thrills

We’re firm opponents against the idea of “all work and no play.” Connect is no different: we have plenty of fun planned between our jam-packed General Session and our Team Celebration! Enjoy witnessing our first-ever Stream Family Feud, stocking up on swag from the My Stream Store and phones from Stream Wireless, asking all your questions to Corporate experts, and being among the first to learn about upcoming incentives trips. The day is certain to be filled with learning, laughs, and thrills. Speaking of which… [

You Could Win $1000

It pays to have spirit, but this year, it really pays to show it off. Show the world your Stream team swagger at Connect 2018, with the best getting invited to partake in Stream Family Feud. The winning team takes home a cool grand! The sky is the limit: wear any and all Stream team swag: shirts, socks, buttons, anything you see fit to blow the competition out of the water!

Living In the Moment Carries Over

There’s just no comparing the motivation you feel after the end of an event like Connect. We’re not even talking about the flashing lights, or the celebrations, or the fun and games and drinks and dancing: we’re talking about that feeling in your bones as you walk to your car, with it all said and done, and knowing that you’re glad you came and can’t wait to hit the ground running on the next 365 days.

Unforgettable General Session with Updates and Announcements You Don’t Want to Miss

Enough said.


Ready to go right this second? That’s good, but there’s still plenty of time to prep. If you haven’t registered yet, now’s the time to grab your spot! Make it official today to save $10 on registration before discounted pricing ends August 31 at 11:59 p.m. CT.

With all this said and done, there’s still more to come. Stay tuned for more details!





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