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Women of Power Retreat

Everything to Know About the Women of Power Dream Retreat

July 07, 2018

With just a little more than a month to go until this year’s Women of Power Retreat, the time is right to share out all the juicy details within the weekend.

Women of Power Dream Retreat

But before we dive right into breaking down just what each item on the agenda is, we need to point out three changes from our original agenda:

  • The Recognition & Awards Dinner is now on Friday night. Dinner is provided, of course.
  • The Friday Top Leader Luncheon now starts at 11:30 a.m.
  • We’ll be closing out the weekend with the legendary Jewel Tankard, but still sticking to the noon end-time.

Dressing for Success

Can’t decide what to pack? We’ve compiled some useful suggestions for your consideration.

Women of Power Dream Retreat

With that, here’s what the weekend of Dreams is made of:

Top Leader Luncheon

An intimate meal with, and for, the leaders that help make our business possible. This special luncheon event is for ED, PD and NDs only.

Vision Board

Nothing helps bring your dreams to reality better than being able to see it, which is why we’re helping you map out your vision immediately with our Vision Board activity. Co-hosted with guest speaker Amber Housley, discover why seeing is the first step to believing. We could haul in random magazines to provide as source material, but no one knows your dreams quite like you: please bring your own magazines to ensure your Vision Board turns out the way you envision it best.

Recognition & Awards Dinner

Don't miss this special event to celebrate you. We’ll celebrate both your special achievements, and some of the extraordinary women in Stream with a delicious dinner co-hosted by Executive Director & 2017 Women of Power Mentor Award Winner Rosanne Moreno and Stream Sr. Events Manager Kimberly Girard.


Listen to National Director Labeebah Thomas discuss how to develop your mindset for success and think more like an entrepreneur. It starts with belief in yourself and Network Marketing, and a whole lot of time, investment and hard work. With that winning recipe, the results will speak for themselves!

Lead Generation

Leads aren’t going to just rain from the sky and fall into your lap; most of the time, you have to make them. Luckily, Sonia Stinger is here to break down the blueprint of how to do so.

Stream Panel – Top Customer Gatherers

Customer gathering is an art, and these Women of Power have mastered it. With this panel hosted by Executive Director Portia Johnson, you’ll hear first-hand from top leaders as they share the wisdom and techniques they’ve picked up along the way to success. 

Lunch & Creating Goals and Moving Forward with Action

Work up an appetite with this working lunch led by guest speaker Amber Housley, as she covers proper goal-setting and goal-attainment.

Your Brand

In this day and age, your brand is everything. How you are perceived will shape your success. Guest speaker Jewel Tankard understands what it means to represent a brand, and she’ll teach you how to find and promote your own.

The Magic Words to Selling & Sponsoring

No, it’s not “abracadabra” or “please.” Sonia Stinger will show you the real magic words to selling and sponsoring, so that your business potential is open sesame.

Mastering Recruiting

In life, you don’t go it alone. This business is no different; your success depends heavily on the team you have in place to help you achieve. Master the ins and outs of recruiting with this Sonia Stinger-led seminar, so you can build your A-Team.

Stream Panel – Top Recruiters

It takes a village! These top leaders earned their success with the help of a dedicated, engaged downline. With this panel hosted by Presidential Director Susan Fisher, you’ll hear how they built their teams from the ground up and work every day to keep them motivated.

Women of Power Celebration

Dance the night away at one of Savannah's iconic party venues with your fellow Stream Women of Power. The event will be outside, so come ready to soak up some sun. Dinner and drinks will be provided to keep you cooled down and fired up.

Strategy & Putting Your Goals into Action

You’ve defined your goals, now let’s get to work. Led by Presidential Director & 2016 Women of Power Mentor Award Winner Bernadette Wright, this session will give you a clear road map and success strategies that you can implement immediately in your Stream business. 

Expand Your Vision & Promoting Events

Jewel Tankard will close out the event with an impactful speech on how to take what you learned from this event and run with it. Consider this the grand finale!

Communication is Key

We’d never let language get in the way of a good message; we’ve planned ahead to accommodate those requiring alternate means of communication.
Below are the dates and times of ASL Interpreters.

Friday, July 19                        7 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Saturday, July 21                    8 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Sunday, July 22                       8 a.m. – 12 p.m.

What’s the Lowdown on the Speakers?

We’re glad you asked. 

Guest Speaker: Sonia Stringer

Women of Power Dream Retreat

Sonia has spent the last two decades empowering women in network marketing and direct sales to massive success. As the founder of an online community that supports over 500,000 women in their businesses and a former National Sales Trainer with peak performance expert Tony Robbins, Sonia has helped thousands develop their sales and leadership skills over the years. Learn more about her here.

Guest Speaker: Jewel Tankard

Women of Power Dream Retreat

A global economist trained by the University of Michigan, star and matriarch of Bravo TV’s hit reality show “Thicker Than Water” and founder of Millionairess Club, Jewel Tankard has built a global movement by helping women and their families achieve their dreams through financial freedom. She uses her unique business message and deep financial expertise to help women the world over lead extraordinary lives and break down barriers. Learn more about her here. 


Guest Speaker: Amber Housley

Women of Power Dream Retreat

A self-described “serial entrepreneur,” Amber Housley has built two successful businesses, created marketing strategies for multi-million dollar companies and helped multitudes of women grow their own businesses—all while raising two children! Amber has a big heart for showing women how to thrive professionally by building an impactful, memorable brand and becoming marketing experts themselves. Learn more about Amber here.

At the end of this weekend, you’ll have what you need to expand your Stream vision towards success. If you haven’t registered yet, you’ll want to get on that immediately!

Women of Power Retreat 2018
July 20-22
Savannah, GA

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