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Ohio Launch Plan

April 07, 2018

With the launch of Ohio as our newest Energy state hot on our heels, members of the corporate team delivered an in-depth expansion training at Ignition 2018. Check out some highlights from that session here so you can prepare your business for any future expansion!

Take a look, and be sure to keep track of all the expansion training and events coming your way in your Power Center. 

Plan Your Work. Work Your Plan

You don’t have to wait until launch day to jumpstart your business in a new state. Swing into action as early as possible by building up a team in the new market so you’re ready to take off come launch day. Start with a plan like this:

  • Build your list. Remember to think FRANK.
  • Work your list with a simple script you’re comfortable with.
  • Get plugged in to local meetings, webinars and trainings and invite folks to join you!
  • Always cast a wider net and ask people on your list for referrals. Who do they know in the new state?

What’s Your Commitment Level?

How much time will you spend in the new market leading up to the launch? 

Ohio Prep 

Don’t be fooled: Non-travelers may not be making trips to a new state, but they are working tirelessly at home making connections and calls to prospects.

Share, Manage, Grow

Three key components will drive your success: sharing, managing and growing.


  • Start with your FRANK list.
  • Reach out to successful, influential prospects first.
  • Never prejudge someone’s interest.
  • Qualify your customers.

Leverage social media and the My Stream Connect app to share your Homesite link, Stream graphics, flyers and videos. It doesn’t get much easier! Networking groups in the new market are also a great place to build your list organically. Don’t be afraid to get out and meet new people.


Work your list consistently and track your activity. Eventually, you’ll be able to predict about how many calls it takes to land a “yes.” Collect and manage that data to reach your goals.

Ohio Prep


Finally, a strong, active team is your surest means of success. Build an engaged downline in the new market before launch day, and watch your business take off when customer enrollments open up! It’s all about creating a cycle of duplication around the building block of our business: You & 2.

  1. Enroll your new Associate.
  2. Get them trained on Stream business basics.
  3. Help them get qualified and earn their first check.
  4. Repeat with your next Associate.

Study Up

With an expansion this big, there’s a lot of opportunity to be had, but also a lot to learn. We’ve gone ahead and considered some things worth keeping in mind for the new market.

New Customers, Same Potential Questions

Just in case the customer has questions about their service, we’ve compiled a simple reference sheet located in your back office to help you find the best answer.

How to Do It the Right Way

With a new market comes a new set of laws and regulations. Protect your business and navigate them like a pro with the in-person sales guide in your Power Center.

Wear that Name Badge with Pride

When representing Stream in public, you must properly identify yourself with a name badge. Visit your Power Center to find and print out a badge, add your picture and pin it (visibly!) with pride.

Watch and Learn

If you’ve studied all of the above and are eager for more, we have just the thing: head over to your Power Center and discover our Expansion Training Webinars! In this three-part series, Senior Vice President of Sales Ryan Morris talks you through all the intricacies and real world applications of how to share, manage, and grow your business.

Still looking for even more training? Download the full Expansion Playbook from your Power Center, or purchase it from the My Stream Store.






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