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All About the Stream Compensation Plan

January 13, 2018

Stream’s new Compensation Plan is live, bringing with it new ways to earn and advance through the ranks. Before we explore its newest components, make sure you know to:

  1.  Review the Compensation Plan, save it to a device, print it out—anything to keep it handy.
  2. View the in-depth Compensation Plan training videos in your Power Center, as well as the new Business Presentation video for prospecting.
  3. Download the new Business Presentation PowerPoint and script from your Power Center.
  4. Use the new video sales tools in your Power Center. After you show a prospect the BP video, they might want more information on a particular subject. Point them in this direction. These videos cover: Stream’s credibility, relationship marketing and immediate income.

Now, let’s take a deeper dive into some of the Compensation Plan’s most important features.

Immediate Income

When a new person joins the Stream Opportunity, they immediately want to know one thing: “What do I need to do to start earning money?” We wanted to help our newest Associates find the most efficient, impactful earning path possible—and fast. We also wanted to make sure it was a simple concept that could benefit them now and later.

Under the new Compensation Plan, we lay out a way for new Associate to start earning immediate income using three bonuses you’re already familiar with: Personal Customer Bonuses, Team Customer Bonuses and the Regional Director Bonus. Together, they equal up to $1,700 if you earn them within your first 120 days as an Associate.
These bonuses put money in your pocket sooner but, more than that, they help you establish a strong foundation for your business. Because what you’ll do to earn them is exactly what you’ll do over and over again to achieve long-term, recurring income, trips, cars and even bigger bonuses.
Can this model help you get all the way to the top? We think so!

Monthly Earned Income

Under the new plan, MEI remains unchanged. But if you’re new to the business, or just need a quick review of how it works, we’ve got you covered.

It Grows As You Go

You have plenty of great bonuses and incentives at your disposal, but MEI is the long-term income that really makes the Stream Opportunity shine. Here’s why: Associates get paid MEI every time the customers in the first five levels of their leadership organization pay a bill.

Leadership MEI

You can even earn additional Monthly Earned Income, called Leadership MEI.
As you move up the ranks, your earning potential increases. Here, you’re getting paid MEI for the customers in your leadership organization—but not just for the first five levels. Leadership MEI is paid on unlimited levels when customers pay their bills. There is no cap.

As you can see, growing your customer base as you grow your team—and teaching them to do the same—is vital.


As you grow your business, you’ll quickly notice that we believe strongly in rewarding hard work. In fact, we have one of the best incentive programs in the industry.
Qualifying Managing Directors and above who meet and maintain certain requirements can earn exclusive trips to exotic locations, participate in the Mercedes-Benz Car Program, get Ignition perks, a travel stipend and additional bonuses.


Just as before, to earn the next year’s incentives, you’ll need to complete certain qualifications for your rank by December 31 of the current calendar year. That means maintaining your 300 Coded Customer Points each month, so it’s very important to keep track of them.

Each month, we’ll perform evaluations to ensure you’re still qualified. If you fall out of qualification, don’t panic. You’ll have until the last day of that same month to requalify and get back on track to enjoy these incentives.

We’re so excited to share the new plan with you, plus all these great resources for your success! 





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