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Join Us for the Light Up Illinois Launch Event

January 02, 2018

Ever since Stream announced we were opening up for business in Illinois, there’s been an overwhelming amount of excitement. Understandable; it’s a big market, a big deal, a potential big boost to your business. We want to cap off this major milestone with our biggest and best event yet—something unlike anything we’ve done before.

That’s right, Light Up Illinois is sure to be one for the ages. Not only will it be one of our biggest parties yet, we’re also helping spur success for all in attendance by offering exclusive training tools and opportunities. Get a good look at the official schedule below:

Launch Event 

In case you were wondering what some of the items on the agenda are, don’t be: we’re proud to shine some light on the specifics.

First up, neighborhood exploration: we’re giving Chicago a Stream twist by turning our venue into an interactive tour of the city’s most iconic neighborhoods.

Launch Event

Get to Know the Neighborhood


Representing the neighborhood of the same name, our Pilsen is sure to deliver a taste of the unique flair of the area. You’ll be invited to leave your mark as well, thanks to our interactive graffiti station. Consider it a symbolic warmup for the business you’ll be doing there.


Our Wrigleyville is a spitting image of, you guessed it, the iconic Wrigleyville neighborhood. Meander through the unofficial home of America’s pastime while enjoying all the sights and sounds of the ballgame. The best part? Knocking it out of the park yourself in our batting cage, and leaving with your very own Stream-branded baseball!

Blues Lounge

Come kick back and groove in our swanky Blues Lounge. Revel in the legends that built the house of blues by admiring their handiwork, and then trying your hand at it yourself. Pick up your very own Stream-branded harmonica, and enjoy a one-on-one blues harmonica lesson.

If you’re here just to get down to business, you won’t be disappointed. Here is a rundown of our very own Stepping Stones to a better you and a brighter future.

Stepping Stones

When you first arrive into the event at Registration/Check-In, you’ll be assigned a Stepping Stones track that will consist of 3 back-to-back sessions. There is one track in the morning, and one in the afternoon. You’ll receive a color-coordinated wristband based on your assigned track, as well as a workbook to help guide your personal development. If you’re nervous about missing your track, don’t worry; we’ll have ushers in place to help guide you to where you want to go.

A quick primer for how Stepping Stones will be set up: attendees will line up 15 minutes prior to start time and be placed into their group on the second floor of the ballroom. Each group will be small and intimate, no more than 40 people, to help foster a collaborative environment. Stream Associate leaders will be delivering the content and working through the individual sessions with the groups via personal workbooks. These workbooks are Stream-exclusive, and specifically designed to be a takeaway from Light Up Illinois for jumpstarting you and your Stream business in 2018.

Each topic will be no more than a breezy (yet informative) 20 minutes. Topics you can look forward to include: clarifying your vision and values, proper goal-setting and enjoying the daily grind, as well as the internal balancing act between you and your “Why.” When each session is over, the speakers will rotate until each group has completed all three topics. You can expect the total time for Stepping Stones to be about an hour and a half. After that, you’ll walk out with the official Certificate of Completion in hand, as well as a personalized blueprint for what you need to succeed.

Not quite enough to catch your interest? Have you considered what usually accompanies all of our big occasions?

That’s right; Light Up Illinois will be bringing HUGE attendee promotions (we’re not telling what, it’s a surprise!), all new swag from the My Stream Store, and loads more. This is the Super Bowl of Stream Events; you’d be foolish to pass up on easy-to-get tickets.

Like anything good though, it won’t last. Your best bet? Get a ticket as early as you can!

Light Up Illinois Launch Event
January 13, 2018
Navy Pier
Chicago, IL





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