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Congratulations to the 2018 300 Club!

January 13, 2018

There’s no doubt about it: hard work pays off. Need proof? Look no further than these Associates, who through hard work and dedication, were able to qualify for 2018 incentives!

Qualifying for this was no easy task: they had to have 300 Annual Coded Customer Points, 20 Personal Lifetime Customer Points, and the required Annual Personal Customer Points according to their Rank, with all Customers being Pending or Active status on December 31, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. CT.

300 Club 2017 Qualifications


Wondering what exactly the reward might be for such rigor? Behold the full list of 2018 Incentives:

  • MEI Bonus: Managing Directors and above
  • Mercedes-Benz Car Program: Managing Directors through Presidential Directors
  • Streamcation: Newly promoted Senior Directors in the calendar year of 2017; and, existing Managing Directors and above who’ve achieved end of year qualifications
  • Top Performers Trip: Newly promoted Executive Directors in the calendar year of 2017; and existing Executive Directors and above who’ve achieved end of year qualifications
  • Travel Stipend: Executive Directors and above
  • Ignition Perks: Executive Directors and above

Join us in giving a round of applause to these Associates; they deserve it.

National Directors
Susan & Donny Anderson
La Dohn & Mark Dean
Sally & Trey Dyer
Diane & Steve Fisher
Mark Florez
Marcie & Randy Hedge
Heather & Greg McCord
Blanca & Miguel Morales
Lacey & Ryan Morris
Lalie & Jim Spargur
Jeanie & Presley Swagerty
Labeebah & Elbert Thomas
Martha Troy

Presidential Directors

Michelle & Randall Blackmon
Felicia & Winchel Elibert
Susan Fisher
Danene & Mike Foti
Willa Gipson
Terri Hatch
George Koufalis
Bob & Sue Ledbetter
James Levins
Nancy & Stefan Rodriguez
Inge Saenz
Monica & Jerry Scribner
Jay Veal
Andra Williams
Bernadette & Derek Wright
Terry & Shelba Yancey

Executive Directors

Diana & Ed Alcocer
Benjamin Battle
Robert Bell
Cobi Ben-Bassat
Jason Bias
Dr. Dominique & Thomas Brooks
Tiffany & Anthony Cooper
Marguerite Coyle
Destiny Curlee
Sandra Cuellar & Tacho Rocha
Karen & Brian Dilsheimer
Emmanuel Estrada
Mark Evans
Mark Feinman
Marytza & Luis Gonzalez
Tina & Darren Gordon
Antonio Gutierrez
Kerrun Hill
Maria Huerta & Donal Picazo
Justin & Portia Johnson
Angie Kriner-Doorfee & Keith Naugle
Kris & John Kostin
Kesha Lee Dawson
Phil McCarthy
Gabriel Morales
Rosanne & Tomas Moreno
Amy & Jordan Nadell
Carrie & Robert Paster
Wayne Pekarski
Melinda & Ernesto Perez
Patti Bachtel & Tony Perry
Terrance & Jocelyn Riggins
Alex Rodriguez
Aracely & Oscar Rodriguez Jr
Noreen Savage
Patricia & Mikel Shaheed
Julie & Ron Stern
Sandra & John Walsh
Michael Whitfield
K.C. & Dr. Terry Young

Senior Directors
Enrique Alatrista
Ron Anglin
Paul Baccus
Guadalupe Balderas
Fikru Bogale
Shameisha Brown
Shane Callwood
Nannette R. Camacho
Angelica Castro
Junior Cruz
Christopher Curtis II
George Dennis
Deborah Dibbles
Ben Engel
Mark Engel
Sarah Engel
Julie Fein
Lillie Fontenot
Michael Joshua Foti
C. M. Freund
Marco Gomez
Julio Gonzalez
Alicia Harrington
Cassandra Hayden
David Hayden
Katherine Hennelly
Deborah Hock
Sophia Jackson
Douglas & Claire Kennedy
Josh Lerman
Michael J. Lerman
Luis Lopez
Minerva Lopez
Yocheved Lowinger
Kendale Mayberry
Laura & Ronnie Millen
Thomas Miller
Veronica Morales
Diana Moreno
Guy Pryor
Nadyelli Rodriguez
San Juana Rodriguez
Sarah Steinberg
Kristina & Jeff Stier
David Villalobos
Donell Walker
Tara Woodman

Managing Director
Abdoulaye Diallo 

Congratulations again to these incredible Associates. If you accomplished all of this in 2017, we can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2018! 

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