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What's New with Virtual MD?

July 07, 2017

Important updates are here regarding your favorite Protective Service: Virtual MD! Keep sharing this convenient service, and make sure you’re all brushed up on the latest news. 

New Training Tool: Stream Virtual MD Pamphlet

Our goal is to make healthcare easy for all—starting the moment a customer is introduced to Stream Virtual MD. The pamphlet describes the steps a new customer should take when they're ready to schedule their first free consultation, from filling out their medical history to receiving a treatment plan.

Download this tool from your Power Center and share it with your customers!

A Changing Landscape

The world of healthcare is constantly changing, often to ensure patients are protected. Case in point: Recently, regulations in a number of states have shifted to require patients who access psychologist consultations from telehealth services to seek continued care.

As a result, our telehealth partner removed psychologist consultations from its list of offerings, which means we can no longer offer them through Stream Virtual MD.

Let your Protective Services customers know that, although they can no longer access consultations with a psychologist using Stream Virtual MD, they'll still enjoy all the other benefits of their subscription:

  • Unlimited 24/7 doctor consultations
  • No copays
  • Online patient portal
  • Nationwide pharmacy discounts

It's still easier than ever to get convenient care for the whole family from an MD and discounts on select medications—no waiting room required. 






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