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July 11, 2019

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July 02, 2019

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June 26, 2019

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Congratulations EDs Guy & Jessica Pryor!

October 23, 2018

Please join us in congratulating Guy and Jessica Pryor, our second Executive Directors to promote during the Become a Leader, Develop Leaders promotion! By rank advancing to ED before December 31, the Pryors have just qualified for a $10,000 bonus!

Worth the Risk

Before joining Stream in August of 2015, Guy worked as a police officer in Union City, Tennessee. He loved his job, but it meant long hours away from his wife Jessica and their daughters—not to mention the risk that comes with working in law enforcement. 
It was time to take a different kind of risk. Guy became an Associate and, despite living in a non-deregulated state, pursued his business fulltime. 

Can’t Be Stopped

Guy didn’t live in a Stream Energy state, but that didn’t stand in his way. He traveled to other markets, often for long periods of time, to build up his customer base. He used social media to stay in touch with his team across state lines and meet new prospects. And, of course, he leveraged the nationwide Wireless market. 

The dedication paid off. Just 58 days after he became an Associate, he promoted to Senior Director. And although he has experienced much adversity between those first few months and now, he knew that if he stayed focused, he would achieve his goals. 

“The Pryors are a shining example of the power in getting your Stream business off to a fast start.  From the beginning, they lead by example, quickly promoting through the ranks and serving as inspiration to their team that they could do it to” said Vice President of Field Operations Adrian Avila. “Despite living in a non-energy state, Guy and Jessica saw past that and focused on the opportunity at hand to accomplish something special for their family.  Guy has always been a pleasure to work with, always maintaining the most positive of attitudes and looking for opportunities on how he could serve others.  We are proud and honored to recognize the Pryors as Stream newest Executive Directors and excited for what the future holds for them and their family.”     

Just this year, Guy earned his place in the 300 Club and a brand-new Mercedes. And that was only the beginning. 

Onwards & Upwards

Now that Guy and Jessica have reached Executive Director, the sky is truly the limit. But for now, Guy is still processing his momentous achievement. 

“I am overwhelmed to have reached the level of Executive Director,” he said. “I’ve been blessed with a team who believed in me and put their trust in me, allowing me to show them what the Stream Opportunity can do for them and others.”
Guy’s upline, National Director Jim Spargur couldn’t be more thrilled for him. “I am so proud of Guy. He is a true leader’s leader,” Jim said. “Despite adversity he faced in his personal and professional life, he always takes charge and never gives up. He works extremely hard and only asks for help when needed. I am excited to see what the future holds for Guy, his family and his team.”


Over the years, Guy has truly stepped up into a leadership role on his team, challenging others to push their limits to realize success. 

“I am so proud of them,” Guy said. “I even said I would shave my beard if we could make this happen! My word of advice for anyone pursuing this opportunity is to work on your goal every day, and to be better than the day before.” 



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