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National Director Getaway 2018 Recap

September 12, 2018

Our National Directors took a much-needed break over the weekend for an unforgettable visit to the classic New England coast. During their stay at the fabulous Gurney’s Newport Resort in Newport, RI, leaders took in extraordinary views, seafood as fresh as it comes and plenty of great company.

Setting Sail for Success

National Directors were joined on their trip Stream’s Executive and Field Development teams for a vacation full of unique experiences.

Throughout the weekend, attendees dined at some of the most iconic restaurants on the coast, including The Lobster Bar, The Mooring Restaurant and Clarke Cook House. The lobster was a crowd pleaser!

ND Trip

On a guided group tour of the Newport area, they learned the history of the region, glimpsed historical mansions and even toured a sprawling 138,000 sq. ft. Vanderbilt mansion known as “The Breakers.”

ND Trip

Finally, the field leaders and those from corporate split into two teams for a head-to-head America’s Cup yacht race. Team Schiro and Team Swagerty each came together to showcase the true meanings of fun and teamwork to see who could sail across the finish line first.

ND Trip

We rounded out the weekend with a New England-style clambake right on the waterfront.

Mapping a Brighter Future

Most importantly, this was a weekend for our leaders to truly connect and collaborate on plans for creating the brightest future possible for Stream—including making sure more Associates are able to join the Getaway next year!

Here’s what they had to say about their experience:

“The National Director Getaway was fabulous! Can you think of a more fun group than top field and corporate leaders, all having a great time together? Imagine the laughter that went on just by choosing teams for the sailboat race. Bouncer won, but the race will be talked about for many years. Lobsters, five course meals, late night conversations by the fire pit, creamy ice cream cones, huge yachts, gorgeous sailboats in the harbor, and great friends who have learned how to face challenges and win. This was a true memory maker!” – Martha Troy

“One of the best Stream trips ever! We were treated like royalty and family. You need to promote and be on the next ND trip!” – Randy Hedge

“The Rhode Island ND trip was so special, but the real treat was getting to spend time with some of the leaders who helped build Stream. Oh, and if lobsters are at the top of the food chain, the NDs ate like kings and queens on this trip!” – Donny Anderson

“It was amazing to see, hear and feel Bouncer, Steve and Ryan’s excitement about our future.” – Mark Florez

“The ND trip to Newport was an amazing experience. We enjoyed the food and fun, but mostly we enjoyed bonding with the corporate and field leaders of Stream.” – Presley & Jeanie Swagerty

“Knowing that Stream always does their best to recognize us in many ways is what makes this company unique and spectacular. Thank you for this marvelous ND trip!” – Miguel & Blanca Morales

ND Trip

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