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Congratulations to New EDs Jeff and Kristina Stier

August 27, 2018

Congratulations are in order: say hello to Stream’s newest Executive Directors from Flemington, New Jersey, Kristina and Jeff Stier!

Kristina and Jeff joined Stream in November 2013, and at the time, their Why was to simply help pay for some of their wedding expenses. Since then, it’s evolved over the years to mean so much more. Jeff was a public-school music teacher, working part-time at a local pharmacy, and part-time as an assistant choir director. After Jeff saw the Stream business presentation, he immediately recognized the opportunity to upgrade one of his other jobs and start building long-term recurring income.

Less than six months ago, Kristina and Jeff had a beautiful baby girl, Charlotte Rose, and a new Why was born! As a result of their hard work over the last five years, Jeff has been blessed to be able to walk away from his full-time job and stay at home with his daughter, to continue to build a future for his family with Stream.


This isn’t Jeff’s first time in the spotlight. At only 29 years old, he earned his place with the inaugural 300 Club, as well as being recognized with The Inspiration Award at Connect in 2016, The Top Rising Star Award at Ignition in 2016, The Power of Leadership Award in 2017, and now Executive Director in 2018!


While we’re proud of everything they’ve accomplished, the one that shines the brightest to us is their dedication to helping so many other families follow their dreams.


From Steve, Ryan, and the rest of us here at Stream, congratulations to the Stier family for their huge accomplishment!




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